Club Night Monday 11 June

Tutor’s Notes

On Monday we made a great start learning some of the dances from our Annual Dance Program

We started with the dance The Luckenbooth Brooch, which is the second dance on our program.

For those of you who were asking, Wikipedia says “the luckenbooth brooch is a traditional Scottish love token: often given as a betrothal or wedding brooch. It might be worn by a nursing mother as a charm to help her milk flow, and/or be pinned to a baby’s clothing to protect it from harm”. There are various designs of the brooch but they all have two interlocking hearts with a crown above them.

We then looked at our Pas de Basque and how we move forward and backwards with this step using the Jete and closing in 3rd in front whichever direction we are traveling using pas de basque. We learned the Pousette, a square formation for two couples in which you change places.

The words to help you remember this formation are “away from the centre, quarter turn, up or down, quarter turn, into the center, half a turn, retire and retire”

There is an excellent video of the formation here .

We danced Flowers of Edinburgh using the Pousette. This is not on our program but is a popular dance.

The more advanced dancers then danced The Water of Leith, a strathspey for 4 couples. This is one of the two most difficult dances on our program and we will do it again with more people another week. It would be good to watch the video of it in preparation. Water of Leith

Next up we all danced Juliet’s Reel a dance where the 1st couple are doing the same thing but at different times. I used the word syncopation to describe that but as Alice (in Wonderland) said “it didn’t sound at all the right word” (and in fact if you look up the definition it isn’t). Never mind.

Then we had a go at Auld Year’s Nicht a reel devised by Wellington devisor Iain Boyd and published just this year. This dance is on our program and also includes the pousette.

Finally we finished the night with the dance The Paisley Weavers

I was very impressed with everyone’s dancing over the night. There was a lot of unfamiliar dances and the brains were engaged right up until the end of the program.

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Tutor’s Notes

We had Wonder(land)ful Mad Hatters Tea Party on Monday Night.

It was great to see everyone get into the theme and the decorations were fantastic. The tea pots, cups, cards, signs and cake plates all looked great. It is amazing how a palm tree can be changed into something more suited to Wonderland. The Cheshire Cat appreciated that.

The combination of fiddle and keyboard showed our newer members the versatility of Scottish music. Thanks very much to Iain Matcham and Jason Morris for playing for us.

In between dances Ann entertained us with quotes from Alice in Wonderland and she also challenged us by making us dance “The World Upside Down” with the head of the sets at the wrong end of the hall and Teapots with the appropriate arm positions.

We danced a few dances devised by Iain Boyd that were appropriate to the theme (eg. The White Rabbit, the March Hare and The Mad Hatter) and some lesser known dancers such as Sugar? Sleepy Dormouse, Salute to Alice and Trip to Wonderland. These latter dances seemed vaguely familiar to many.

Thanks everyone for braving the weather and making it a great night.

Club Night Monday 21st May

Tutor’s Notes

Good work. We covered a lot tonight and there were several new formations that we will learn more thoroughly in the weeks ahead.The main thing is to come along and have fun next week. The more experienced dancers will be there to help you all.

Dances we did this week were:

  • The Mad Hatter
  • The White Rabbit
  • Salute to Alison (Alice)
  • Sleepy Maggy (Doormouse)
  • A Trip to Bavaria (Wonderland)
  • The World Turned Upside Down

Club Night Monday 14th May

Tutor’s Recap of Monday Night

We are working up to the dances that we will be doing on our theme night on the 31st so there was some fairly intensive teaching on some new corner formations and left shoulder reels! We also spent some time looking at Andrew’s Dance which we did quickly at the end of the previous week. It went so much better this time.

We have danced most of the dances for our fun night for the end of the month already but we will go over them again on Monday.

  • The Frisky
  • Andrew’s Dance
  • Sugar Candie
  • The March Hare
  • A Trip to Bavaria