Club Night Monday 1 October

Tutor’s Notes
Numbers were back up to 2 three couple sets last night although daylight saving did seem to be effecting some.

We continued to focus on dances from the New Dancer’s Celebration Program

We repeated several dances we had done earlier in September to make sure that we hadn’t forgotten them. These were The Hollin Buss (Jig) , Pluto’s Head (Reel) , Autumn Tidings (Jig) and Fire Hose Reel (Reel). We also did two strathspeys from the NDC program for the first time. These were The Bryon Strathspey and Monymusk.
For those of you that were not at club you can see these dances on youtube at:

The Byron Strathspey (Sorry there is not a really good video of this one)


Unfortunately we won’t have a chance to repeat those dances next week as we have another couple of strathspeys from the program to look at yet.

Since we had three couple sets and danced most of the dances only 6x through we had done 6 dances by 9pm so I decided to try something a little more challenging. We therefore danced City Lights from book 52 a jig with a variation of the corner pass and turn which involves the corners coming in and dancing an Allemande turn. A video can be found at
Even after having walked everyone through as 1st couple people were a bit concerned about dancing this one but it went really well. !! It shows how well everyone has come on over the year that we can do such an advanced dance at club. Well done all!