Club Night Monday 10 September

Tutor’s Notes
It was great to get two full sets at club on Monday. It always makes things easier for the teacher.

We danced two more dances from Tawa’s programme. John of Bon Accord (a reel) and The Gentleman (a Strathspey). The thing to remember (teacher included) is that both of these dances have half reels.

We also danced two Jigs from the New Dancers Celebration program. The Hollin Buss and Autumn Tidings. You danced Autumn Tidings earlier with Philippa. This is a little unusual because the reels on the side start with the 1st and 3rd couples casting into them and the double figure of eight is only a 3/4 double figure of 8. This dance was devised by Iain Matchem who played for our Mad Hatter’s Tea Party earlier in the year.

The last two dances for the night were newer ones, Holyrood Strathspey from book 51 and Trip to Timber Ridge (A reel) from the recently published Book 52. Both of these dances have corner pass and turn in them. This formation went well but it is really important for the corners to remember they turn quickly on bar 2 of the phrase and then dance out on 3 and 4 to make way for the dancing couple.

You can see videos for these dances at:
Holyrood Hourse
Trip to Timber Ridge (This one is a variation on the basic dance in a 5 couple set which looks great. The corners really need to stay awake here)