Club Night Monday 17 May 2021

Tutor’s Notes
Good to see you all and to be back teaching.

The programme was based around reels of 3 and petronella turns, both of which Ann had been working on with you. Up until now, the reels of 3 have been on the side but we started looking at reels of 3 across the dance – both right shouldered and left shouldered. The theory is the same but the orientation is different.

We also had a few dances with hands across for 3 rather than the 4. Supporting couples take shake hand hold and dancing person rest their hand (lightly) on top.

We also talked about having a briefing only dance for the more experienced dancers. I will tell you what this is at club next week and include details in next week’s newsletter.

Dances we did were:
Good Hearted Glasgow J
Warm up dance with hands across for 3

The Brownie of Blednoch R
Right shoulder reels of 3 on the side
No video

Monymusk S
Petronella turn and right shoulder reels of 3 on the side. Slight variation with the lady going down and the man up. These are for 6 bars for all and the last 2 bars for the dancing couple to cross over. No curls at the end of the reels for those who might have got there a little early.

The Dancing Bees R
In tandem for the dancing couple right shoulder reels with the 2s and left shoulder reels of 3 with the 3s. Both reels across the dance. There was also a petronella turn as well. This is on our dance programme

Anna’s Wedding Cake S
For the more experienced dancers. Set and rotate formation

The Sailor R
Right shoulder reels of 3 across the dance. We were a bit rushed at the end so I will go over this dance again next week