Club Night Monday 12 September 2022

Mask Up and Dance theme night

Our theme night on Monday was a great success with a fun programme and a great range of masks as everyone got into the carnival spirit, including some visitors from other clubs. The programme (theme names and actual dance names) is below. Thank you to Ann for organising such a great night and for helping us to prepare for the dances in the weeks leading up to the theme night.

A Mask for Alec – A Reel for Alec (J)
The Masked Boy – The Button Boy (R)
The Masked Man – The Gentleman (S)
The Carnival of the Animals – not a dance as such but a lot of fun to see pairs of dancers in animal masks parading round the hall 🙂
Mairi’s Masquerade – Mairi’s Wedding (R)
Best Mask in the Hall – Best Set in the Hall (J) – The prize of Best Mask in the Hall was deservedly won by Fiona for her tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.
Soiree at Solway – The Shores of Solway (S)
Cupa Dupa – The Wellingtonia Reel (R)
Masks and Faces (S)
Joie de Carnaval – Joie de Vivre (J)

Mask Up and Dance – the Carnival of the Animals!