Club Night Monday 14 October 2019

TUtor’s Notes
You will be pleased to have a break from the New Dancer’s Celebration dances this week. I was really pleased to hear how much everyone had enjoyed the dance and that you felt well prepared. I was sorry to miss it as it is my favourite dance for the year.

The Auld Grey Cat – an easy warm up dance written by Wellington tutor Iain Boyd

Yan, Tan, Tethera (1,2,3 in Gaelic) – Corner chain. This is one of my favoutie formations. A good dance for lots of eye contact as you change your corners in and turn your partner.

Wisp of Thistle – This dance was written for the Queen Mother who after watching a Scottish Country Dancing display in Canada commented that the dancers looked like wisps of thistle. Good practice for petronella turns and half reels of 4

Capering Scarecrow. This is a new dance written by the Carterton tutor. It was quite tricky but you all did really well with it despite the tutor with the foggy brain.. Thanks to Graeme for easily working out why the corners were still on opposite sides when we finished the dance!!

The Moudiewort (Jvilles final night programme) As discussed a Moudiewort is a mole. Lots of jokes about mole like activity.

Thanks for the requests for our final night. I will put together a programe that incorporates most of these.

See you all for our final night of dancing for 2019.