Club Night Monday 2 March 2020

Tutor’s notes
Well, week one of club and nice to see members returning for the year and some new dancers continuing on from the beginners classes.

To start of the year and mix dancers up a little we started off with a round the room dance. The Bramble Circle. This introduced the promenade hold to our new dancers. Having done that we then looked at both 2 couple and 3 couple Promenades. The promenade is a follow the leader type of formation. All couples involved start in promenade hold (right hand in right and left in left) in the middle of the dance. Key points to remember are

  • In a 2 couple promenade the 1st couple has 3 steps to curve across the top and face down the ladies side
  • In a 3 couple promenade the 1st couple has 2 steps to curve across the top and face down the ladies side
  • The curve at the top should be contained so the first step is a small one diagonal out to the right then the 1st man effectively pivots to draw his partner across the top of the set.

We danced two dances with Promenades.
There Cam’ a Young Man – (Jig) – using a 2 couple promenade
New Caledonia Jig – (Jig) – using a 3 couple promenade

We also practiced our strathspey travelling step and dance The Oban Reel (Strathspey) using this.
For the not so new dancers we danced two dances:
The Lass of Richmond Hill (Reel)

and Joie de Vivre (Jig)

It was a good first night for the year and we hope to see you all again next week.