Club Night Monday 26 September 2022

Tutor notes:

We decided to dance on Monday even though it was a public holiday given how close the New Dancers’ Celebration is. As well as revising dances from the programme I also included a couple of dances to mark the Queen Elizabeth II holiday.

I didn’t do any teaching as such but reminded people about formations in the dances particularly circles. Firm arms are needed and elbows should be pointing down to form a W to maintain the circle. In strathspey circles your body should be straight ahead and right leg crossed over for the first step – movement is from the hips. The allemandes were a bit ragged so we will look at these again next week.

Dances we did were:

The Kingston Flyer R NDC Carmen pointed out “King” in this dance

Border Meeting R NDC (Will be a round the room dance but we had to dance it up and down the hall

Holyrood Strathspey (Royal) Revision of corners pass and turn as a bonus

Lady Home’s J NDC Grand Chain and Turn Corners and Partner

Violynne R NDC Mirror reels of 3, poussette

Balmoral Strathspey (Royal) Reels of 4, 3 couple allemande

Mrs MacLeod NDC Set to and turn corners followed by left shoulder reels of 3 on the side

Several of the videos were taken at Wellington dances!

Have a good week. We will cover as many of the remaining dances from the New Dancers’ Celebration programme next week.