Club Night – Monday 4 March

Tutor’s Notes

Great to see everyone on Monday night.  We had quite a few apologies from Club members who weren’t able to come, however with our new people we had nearly 3 sets.  We welcomed to new dancers.  They were on the catchup track as all the dances we did were either dances we had done in the last 4 weeks or had the formation we had covered.  Well done to all our Beginner Class “graduates” who danced very well.
We looked at a new step – strathspey travelling – (dip, close, step and through) and used the same step in a circle.  Unlike slip step which we use in the faster tempo dances , we start with the right foot so need to cross our right leg in front.

The dances we did were:

A lot of the dances are available on You Tube.   Most are of people dancing but these are animations in some cases.

As I mentioned, dancers from the Wellington region participated in a series of videos to demonstrate steps and formations.  They can be found here: Look for instructional videos

The Scottish Country Dance Dictionary is also a valuable resource.  You can look at information on steps, formations etc and it has links to you tube videos and instructions.

Phew…that is  a lot of information.  There is no compulsion to watch any of this as we will cover formations and steps at clubs, but I know some people find it useful for revision.

I have been in touch with Elaine from McPhees with the shoe sizes and she will send a selection to Ann who in turn will bring them to club for people to try on and confirms sizes and styles.

Ann and I share the tutoring for the Club and she will be taking the classes for the next couple of months.  I am away for a couple of weeks but will see you all after that.