Club Night Monday 8 April

Tutor’s Notes
It was a rather energetic evening on Monday. We danced some tricky numbers and the new dancers coped really well with them, as well as with our first introduction to reels for the year. In fact the reels were amazing for the first go! Just remember to keep them curvy so that you remember which direction you should going when you are curving around the ends.

So the dances that we did were:

Lonely Sunday – with a ladies chain
New Year Jig – figure of 8 on the sideline followed by reel of three. (All couples are dancing in parallel throughout those movements)
The Silver Grey – to use our strathspey setting steps which we practiced. (The video is from our annual dance a few years ago)
The Provost Wynd – left shoulder reels of three
Airyhall Delight – here simple formations put together to make quite a tricky dance
Triple Happiness – for the more experienced dancers
St Andrew’s Fair