Club Night Monday 22 August 2022

Tutor notes:

On Monday we were very lucky to have Sharlene and Lynne playing for us and we did a mix of simple and more challenging dances.

We started off simply with Mr Michael Bear’s Reel (R) which is on the new dancers programme. In the video it is being danced at Johnsonville Club venue, Khandallah town hall, where we will visit them on the 19th September.

We then moved to Jig time and practiced pas de basque to this rhythm. In Jig time the first beat of the 3 is held longer than the 2nd and 3rd. We practiced setting on the right and moving on the left, and used this in Set to Corners and Partner (colloquially known as Hello Goodbye setting).

We danced Links with St Petersburg using this formation in addition to Set and Link. Note how they make the links wide in the video giving this formation a lovely shape.

We then danced The Gentleman (S) to give our brains a bit of a rest. We did however look at the strathspey pousette and how it is important to maintain the arm and shoulder position throughout, in a similar way to Ballroom dancers “keeping the frame”.

We then danced Joie de Vivre (J), always a favourite of mine, and finished the night with Masks and Faces (S) again – a repeat from the week before – with the set and shuffle formation.

Club Night Monday 15 August 2022

Tutor notes:

Most of the dances we did on Monday were in preparation for our “Mask up…. And Dance” theme night on 12th September.

These were:

A Reel for Alec (J) – using 2 couple set and link
The Button Boy (R) – involves double triangles
Masks and Faces (S)– written by Maureen Robson for the Wellington Covid Challenge in 2020. This dance has a set and shuffle
The Shores of Solway (S) – some familiar faces and voices in this video

I hope you are all thinking about what mask to wear.

We also danced:

John Markham’s Rant (R) – repeated from 25 July and on the Capital City / Johnsonville dance programme for Saturday night. This is written by Rod Downey for John who is a long time member of Johnsonville Club. Featuring dancers from the Johnsonville Club

The Deil Amang the Taylors (R) – an oldie but a goodie – and lovely straight lines in the video.

Club Night Monday 8 August 2022

Tutor Notes:

Another miserable night weatherwise and freezing cold. We soon warmed up once we had done a couple of dances.

We revised three hands across and set advancing in strathspey time and did more work on the all round strathspey poussette.

The dances we did were:

Lady Wynd J three hands across, three couple promenade

Trip to Timber Ridge R Lower Hutt Dance – corners pass and turn, modified double triangles

The Gentleman S All round strathspey poussette

Sunshine and Sweetie J Requested repeat from last week. Names after two pandas given to the Edinburgh Zoo in 2011

The Wellingtonia Reel R Linden Theme Night Set and link
No video

Midsummer Common S Repeat from last week to solidify Set advancing