Club Night Monday 8 June

Tutor’s Notes
It was fantastic to see you all back and keen to dance. We started off gently with some simple numbers to recap the formations that we have already covered this year.

We refreshed our skip change and danced Jig to the Music. This had simple formations of advance and retire, back to back, turning and hands around.

Then we moved onto Hedwig’s Reel recapping figures of 8 on the side and Grand Chain.

After having a quick look at our strathspey step we then moved on to the first strathspey of the night – 12 Coates Crescent. This is the address of the headquarters of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society in Edinburgh. This dance reminded us about rights and lefts and hands across.

12 Coates Crescent will be on our Annual Dance programme on the 4th of July as will the next few dances that we did i.e.

New Year Jig
On the Quarter Deck
City of Belfast (for the more experienced) and
St Andrew’s Fair

As you will see we have chosen plenty of simple dances for our Annual Dance programme. This is so everyone will be able to have fun even though we have not managed to dance much this year.

The new formation that we introduced the beginners was reels of three on the sidelines. This is effectively figures of 8 with all 3 people moving at the same time. We used the reel of three in the dance New Year Jig.

Dancing resumes on 8 June

We are pleased to be able to start dancing at club nights again from 8 June 2020. We will be dancing under the guidelines provided by SportNZ for contact sports.

We would welcome visitors, but may have to limit numbers so please do contact us first to let us know you wish to attend and to give us your contact details.

Club Night Monday 9 March 2020

Tutor’s Notes
This week we quickly recapped on promenades and moved onto Allemandes.
Allemandes are a progressive formation which can be danced by 2 or 3 couples.
The Allemande hold is similar to the promenade but the man then lifts his right hand to behind his partners shoulders. He then guides his partner with the left hand and never treats her as a public leaning post.

You can see some useful vidoes of allemandes below.
2 couple allemande:

3 couple allemande:

Dances we did with promenade and allemandes were:

It Should be Fun (Jig with 3 couple Promenade)
The Findlay’s Jig (Jig with 3 couple Allemande)
Lady Catherine Bruce’s Reel (Jig with 2 couple Allemande)
The Cabrach (Strathspey, 3 couple Allemande)

We also had a look at the setting step used for quick time dances (i.e. Jigs and Reels) This step is called
Pas de Basque. We practiced this to reel time music which has 3 even beats. It was great to see that our newer dancers were able to quickly get the rhythm of this step, often this is tricky for some.
We then danced Espie McNabb using this step. This dance has set and cross, and set and cast in it.

For those dancers that have been dancing a bit longer we danced two more challenging dancers.
Minister on the Loch (Strathspey)

Mairi’s Wedding (Reel)