Club Night Monday 11 April 2022

Tutors Notes
Good to see everyone. Great to have 10 dancers given the number of people who are away at the moment.

I continued to teach dances that are on our Movie Night which is coming up on the 9th May. Think about what movie star you will come as!

We went over hands across making sure that you take shake hand grip with the person opposite and looking across to maintain eye contact. We also looked at a 2 couple allemande where 1st couple finish facing their first corner. Ones do not retire to the sidelines but use small steps to pass left shoulder on 7 and 8 to face their first corners. As well as this formation, we looked at turning corners with both hands, and passing right shoulders. To finish the revision of formations we went over double triangles in preparation for the Hunting Horn

Dances we covered were:
The Old Man of Storr
A seemingly simple dance but you do need to count to make sure you do not get to your destination too early or too late. Particularly for 1st couple from 3rd place – setting, dancing towards each other on 3 and then 3 bars to the top and two to cast.

Beach Dancer
Another dance with a ladies chain. These are starting to look good especially with some of our new dancers dancing as men.

Delvine Side
A very old dance from Book 2 with wonderful music. Remember to make sure you maintain 3rd position in the strathspey step. There were a lot of passing feet. This is easy if you make sure your feet are turned out rather than straight ahead.

Mr Michael Bear’s Reel
Another simple dance incorporating hands across

The Hunting Horn
Reels of 4 and double triangles

The De’il Amang the Tailors
Set, hands across half way focusing on set, touch and away

Beginner classes cancelled

We have decided to cancel beginner classes for 2022 due to the uncertainties around the COVID situation.

However, we are still planning to start usual club nights as planned from 7 March 2022.

Under the red traffic light setting, everyone will need to scan in and show their vaccine pass.
As always, follow the usual hygiene measures and stay home if you are unwell.