Club Night Monday 26 April 2021

Tutor’s Notes
There was a good turn out on Monday given it was a public holiday (7+ couples). We didn’t learn any new formations but put the ones we do know to good use trying out some different dances.

We first warmed up to a selection of Sousa military marches. We then danced:

Turkey Trot (J)
This has a variation of hands across. 1st couple from 2nd place dancing 3 hands across. 1st woman up with 2nd couple and man down with 3rd. 1st couple then swapping ends to dance left hands across at the other end. (1st woman with 3s and 1st man with 2s.) This formation is colloquially known as tea-pots – but the spare arm should definitely not be in the teapot handle position!

Will Star (J)T
To practice our ladies chains (this dance was devised by Rod Downey who teaches at Johnsonville club). Will was a Scottish solo accordionist who, at the age of two, attempted to play his first tune “Poor Old Joe” on a melodeon belonging to his father. His family recognised the musical potential in young William and encouraged him to continue playing the melodeon. Later he progressed from the melodeon to the chromatic button accordion which he played for the remainder of his life.

You can hear a YouTube of his music here

Hope Little’s Strathspey (S)
(Which some people read from the whiteboard as “Hope Little’s Strawberries”). This dance has a Grand Chain.

The Black Swans of Narrabeen (J)
A five couple variation of Wild Geese which proved to be positionally challenging.

The Paisley Weavers (S)
A repeat from the previous week and involving both a grand chain and ladies chain

The Deil Amang the Tailors (R)
An easy dance with great music.