Club Night Monday 15 October

Tutor’s Notes

We did a number of dances from the Carterton programme. A number of us are going and some of the dances are not that familiar. We looked at a new formation – a 3 couple bourrel. It is one of those formations that is becoming more common. Here is a link to a video of the dance we did – Miss Eleanor.

• The Royal Deeside Railway
• The Kelloholm Jig
• Triple Happiness – knot and corners pass and turn. We had done this previously
• Mairi’s Wedding – this is on our final night programme
• It’s Nae Bother
• Miss Eleanor
• Bill Clement MBE – this has modified Montgomeries’ Rant type setting

We only have one more teaching night and then our Final Night and the chance to enjoy dances with some of the many formations we have learnt over the year.

Enjoy your long weekend and remember there is no dancing on the 22nd (Labour Day).