Club Night Monday 8 October

Tutor’s Recap

It was the last night at club before the New Dancer’s Celebration so we did the final few dances we had not done from that program. They were:

Kelburn’s Reel, an easy round the room dance, 2 couples facing each other; and

Tulloch Gorm, a strathspey with cross over reels where the first man crosses across at the top of the set to give right shoulder to the 2nd woman and the 1st woman crosses through 2nd place and gives left shoulder to the third man. The 1st couple cross back to their original place on bar 8 and then dance another right shoulder reel on their own side. Writing all that seems very complicated but you managed it well on Monday and there is a video linked to help you remember before Saturday night.

Tulloch is a Gaelic word meaning hill and Wikipedia says Tullochgorm is an old township parish which lies one mile south of Minard in the county of Argyll and Bute in Western Scotland and today comprises only six inhabited cottages.

From the New Dancers Celebration programme, we also danced Sean Truibhas Willichan- an easier 2 couple strathspey.

We also repeated a few dances from the program. They were: The Highland Fair, A Capital Jig, The Hunting Horn and The Reel of the Royal Scots.

And as I did not think we were having enough excitement we danced Spice it Up, another dance from the collection I was given in Nova Scotia.