Club Night Monday 7 October 2019

Tutor’s Notes
After all the excitement of the AGM the previous week I completely forgot to send Dan my update…and he was too polite to ask me where it was!! Anyway we have been focusing on the New Dancers’ Celebration programme over the last couple of weeks. You are all well prepared and remember that all the dances are going to be walked once through so go forth with confidence.

30 September
The Highland Reel R (A Round the Room Dance where the man was in a the middle of two women, trio facing trio)
Granville Market J
Gramachie S
Mary Erskine R (Modified double triangles). Supporting couples set for the full eight bars and adjust their position in or just in front of the sidelines to ensure that the dancing couple are back to back in the middle of the set. We decided that we would do this again the following week to perfect the dance.

7th October
Lady Catherine Bruce’s Reel J
Mary Erskine R – This was danced much better this week.
The Shores of Solway – 3 couple knot and an easy corner movement (that I tried to complicate first off).
The Laird of Milton’s Daughter J ( Corner chain. The dancing couple need to resist the temptation to dance on bars 3 and 4 when they must be standing still in their corners place while they turn each other once round on 3 and 4. It is important to be standing on the corner position rather than lurking in from the side lines as it makes it very easy to turn the incorrect person)
The De’il Amang the Tailors R (set, right hands across 1/2 way and set and left hand…touch and away)
The Paisely Weavers S. 2nd couple start on the opposite side, curtsey on the 1st bow chord and cross the set on the 2nd chord. Grand chain and a ladies’ chain
The Old Man of Storr
Crom Allt (A similar turning movement to Mary Erskine).

Think about any dances you would like to do on our final night and add them to the Request List. It is a good idea to choose dances that we have done during the year so they are familiar to all.